Unsorted and inappropriately managed packaging waste can turn Lithuania into one big dumping place after several decades already. Unsorted and not recycled they stay not decomposed for a long time:

  • paper – 2 years;
  • cans – 90 years;
  • plastic packaging – 200 years;
  • jars, bottles – 900 years.

Packaging waste is an alternative source of raw materials, sorting and recycling them is of benefit to the industry, natural resources are saved. Therefore it is very important to separate packaging waste from general flow of waste, to sort and dispose of them properly, thus ensuring unpolluted environment, and their secondary use would help saving a lot of natural resources.

You can dispose of used packaging waste from bought goods by:

–  throwing sorted used packaging into public special packaging waste containers (yellow container is for plastic and metal, green for glass, blue for paper);

– giving in packaging waste into special buying up points;

– giving in reusable packaging having an appointed deposit to selling points where you bought the goods.

To facilitate the sorting process for users many packaging manufacturers mark the materials the packaging is made of with certain conventional symbols. The following packaging material marking is used:

A triangle consisting of arrows turning clockwise means that the packaging marked this way can be recycled.

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